What is the difference between TRA and other schools for ramen?
The biggest difference between other ramen schools are that you can master the science of making an original ramen in 7 days. Unlike vague “watch and learn, trust your senses” type lessons, our recipes are detailed and based on a clear rationale. The proportions of soup, oil, sauce, and other ingredients are carefully calculated for a reason. This allows you to master the recipe in a short time, even if you have no experience.
These are the differences from other ramen schools.
How long is a day’s session? What time does it start and what time does it end?
One day’s session is 8 hours long in total, from 9:00 to 17:00. Some instructors may extend their sessions until 18:00.
What kind of recipes can we learn?
We offer wide range of ramen recipes from classic ones to the latest trends.
Please let me know the course schedule.
We will arrange the dates of the course after hearing your preferred dates.
How can I check for availability?
Please contact us for availability information.
How do I pay the fee?
Payment method is bank transfer or cash payment.
Do you offer any support after the completion of the course?
Financial advice and support to open a restaurant are available for a fee.
Will we receive any study materials when the class begins?
No, you will not. We used to hand out study materials before, but we realized that the students would depend too much on the materials and pay less attention during lessons. You are expected to listen to the lectures and take notes, which is a more effective way to learn.
How many students are there per class?
We are offering lessons on a one-on-one.
Is it allowed to take pictures or record video clips during classes?
You may take pictures, but no videos, please.
Can I have information about hotels near the TRA?
Please check this link for hotels near us.
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