Tokyo Ramen Academy
Your first step to own a IZAKAYA restaurant

Only 3-Days and 5-Day to learn how to make Japanese
IZAKAYA menus!

Complete training program to turn a beginner into a
IZAKAYA professional.

Learn IZAKAYA recipes from classics to the latest trends.

Learn from IZAKAYA chef of popular IZAKAYA restaurants.

Chance to learn each instructor’s specialty IZAKAYA

Learn advanced skills to create wide range of new and
traditional dishes.

A completion certificate for participants who completed
the course.

Sufficient support available after the completion of the
class until the grand opening day for your Japanese style


☆3-Day IZAKAYA Menu Course☆
Price if taken at the same time as the Ramen Course
228,000yen + tax

・Price for taking this course only. 350,000yen + tax
・Make about 20 kinds of IZAKAYA dishes.

☆5-Day IZAKAYA Menu Course☆
Price if taken at the same time as the Ramen Course
398,000yen + tax

・Price for taking this course only. 550,000yen + tax
・Make about 35 kinds of IZAKAYA dishes.

※Classes are conducted in English or Japanese.
※If you need an interpreter, please prepare it yourself.


The our special Izakaya teacher is Mr, Mitsuma!
He has long time and great experiences!

He will teach Izakaya special Japanese foods, Sashimi, Tempra,
rice,Syogayaki,Katsudon,Tsukemono,Potato salad,Karaage,&
much more!!

teacher:Kenshi Mitsuma
The “IZAKAYA” class special instructor is “Kenshi Mitsuma” He has great experiences for Izakaya chef & manager in long time. He teaches the many variables dishes, IZAKAYA management, select Japanese equipments, fancy dishes & plates, then we will be able to follow after you graduated school.
comment:Let’s get big dream for IZAKAYA business together!