Hideyuki Ishigami: the principal of TRA

Born in 1972 in Tokyo.
He triggered numerous trends of ramen, such as “Wakayama Ramen” and “Chicken Paitan Ramen” and has made his name widely known in the ramen industry.
He was also one of the first executive directors along with Mr. Y. Ishinabe at “Super Chef Club” which is an organization consisted of 100+ top chefs of Japan.
Two-time winner of “King of Ramen Competition TV Championship”(3rd/4th )
Ramen critic/commentator
Food writer
Food producer

【Background Overview】
2003 Founded Zetter Ltd.
2004 Zetter Ltd became Zetter Inc.
2005 Founded cache cache Inc.
2005 Member of “Super Chef Club”
2008 Joined Sony Music Artists


“300 REAL Ramen selected by Ishigami”, “King of Ramen”, “Extreme Ramen”, “Ramen Legends”, “The Best of the Best top 300 Ramen Restaurants: selected by H. Ishigami, The King of Ramen”, “Devine Ramen Selection by H. Ishigami” (Published by Souyousha), “Snip-snap Scissors Cooking” (Published by Kodansha), “Top 100 Mail-order Ramen”, “True Essence of Ramen”, (Published by KK Bestsellers), “POPEYE – Mightiest Ramen” (Published by Magazine House), “Let’s Become a Ramen Shop Owner!”, “Ishigami’s Ramen Appraisal” (Published by Shougakukan), “Japan’s Best Local Ramen” (Published by Chikushobou), and many more.

【TV Appearances】
“Jonetsu Tairiku”, “Arashi Ni Shiyagare”, “Waratte Iitomo”, “King’s Brunch”, “Merengue no Kimochi”, “Which one is it? Cooking Show”, “News Plus One”, “Tokyo Vshuran”, “Apron of Love”, “Tunnel’s Minasan no Okage Deshita” “Tamori Club”, “Ganso Debuya”, “Hadaka no Shonen” and many more.

2003-2006: Ramen Restaurant “Shokoku Ramen Tanhouku” as a limited time event at Tobu Ikebukuro Dept. Store.
2005: Ramen Restaurant Complex “Matsuchika Ramen Station” in Matsuyama, Ehime.
2006~: “Niigata Ramen Expo” (Largest ramen event in Japan)
2007: First vermicelli noodle soup restaurant “Chipao Maratan”.
Dec. 2009 – April 2010: “Odaiba Ramen Park” (Sponsored by Fuji TV)
July 2010 – Mar. 2011: “Odaiba Ramen Park at Shizuoka Hobby Fair” (Sponsored by TV Shizuoka)
Mar 2011: “Odaiba Ramen Park in Fukui” (Sponsored by Fukui TV)
Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2011: “Odaiba Ramen Park at S-Pulse Dream Plaza”(Sponsored by TV Shizuoka)
Mar. 2012: “Odaiba Ramen Park II in Fukui” (Sponsored by Fukui TV)

【Food Production】
Series of Instant Noodles:
“Kudaki Tonkotu Sanshu Mengarami”, “Toridaki Paitan Ougon Chiyu”by Nissin, “The Ramen Shop that impressed Ishigami” by Tokachi Niitsu Noodles, “Oni Dorosoba” by Myojo Foods, and many more
Frozen Noodles:
“Fried Garlic Ramen with Bean Sprouts” by Kinrei
Chilled Noodles:
“Blackened Shoyu Yaki Ramen”, “Red Cold Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen” by Family Mart, and more
“Reset Water Ishigami Style”, “Deep Sea Mineral Water for Fatty food” by Ako Kasei

【Also find him @】
Official Blog: http://ameblo.jp/ishigamihideyuki/
Twitter: @ishigamih
Mobile Site: Navigator at “Super Ramen Navi”
Series on “Big Comics Superior” (Published by Shogakukan)