Courses and Fees

Courses Fee Remarks
7-Day Ramen Master Course JPY 750,000 + Tax Fee Includes Food expenses.
Ramen Study and Ramen Walk course (10-Days) JPY 1,000,000 + Tax Fee Includes Food expenses.5-days Making Ramen
– Making different kinds of ramen
5-days Ramen walk
– Eating at famous ramen restaurants around Tokyo

Languages : English, Japanese, Other Languages
We are offering lessons on a one-on-one.
Accommodations are available at nearby hotels.


7-Day Ramen Master Course

Course Contents
Day 1 Welcoming Ceremony
Lecture: Financing
Lecture: Basic Ramen Studies
Day 2 Basic Ramen Making: Chintan Soup
Advanced Ramen Making: Chintan Soup
Day 3 Basic Ramen Making: Paitan Soup
Advanced Ramen Making: Paitan Soup
Day 4 Advanced Ramen Making: arrangement and
Noodle Making Recipe Creation
Day 5 Making Tonkotsu Seafood Thick Ramen Soup
Day 6 Making Fresh Seafood Soup Stock Ramen and Review
Ramen Chef Experience
Day 7 Final Exam/Completion Ceremony

During the class, we do Trial Ramen Making every day.
You can try your hand at noodle making as often as time permits, which is important for ramen.
Our completion certificate is issued only to those who have completed the 7-Day Intensive English Course.

Basic daily lesson hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Some instructors may extend their sessions until 18:00.

Izakaya Course

In other countries, some restaurants spend one to two hours eating ramen. In addition to ramen, you can add simple Japanese dishes to further enhance your menu. By learning izakaya recipes at TRA, you can enhance your ramen restaurant with more side dishes.