Free Accommodation

TRA has an accommodation facility which we provide for free for male participants.
Staying at TRA has its advantages. Share and review the days experience at TRA with your fellow ramen classmates in the evening to enhance what you have learned. It will be a unique experience for you all.

Accommodation facility includes toilets, bathing facility (soap/shampoo provided), free Wi-Fi, washing machine and air-con. There is also a coin operated laundromat nearby for your convenience. Please bring your own towels and other necessary toiletries such as toothbrush. Please note that no meals are provided.

We sincerely ask for your understanding that our accommodation is for male participants only. We are sorry that we must ask our female participants to stay at a hotel nearby. We will reimburse you half of the hotel fee you paid while you attend our program at TRA. Simply present a receipt of the hotel payment to us for reimbursement. Commuting to TRA is also an option for all participants.

Free accommodation is available to all male participants of any courses we offer.
Reimbursements of half the hotel fee are also available to all female participants of any courses we offer.

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