Decided to open a ramen restaurant? You can count on us. In cooperation with many of our business partners, we support our course participants with any matters related to restaurant startup and its management.


TRA is prepared to support you after the completion of our 7-day course. When the time comes for you to open a restaurant, we can help you out with our various business partners associated with ramen restaurants and follow you up on your management.

Financial Talk by Our Tax Accountant

Besides owning great ramen recipes, it is quite significant to learn about financing and loans if you wish to be successful in the ramen industry.

Learn from our own tax accountant at TRA and earn the knowledge necessary to run your own restaurant from a financial point of view.

TRA’s store interior design division, ‘Asuterior’

We do more than just teach you how to make ramen and run a restaurant. We provide total support for restaurant interior design and construction, installation of kitchen equipment, and opening of the restaurant.
Asuterior’s parent company, TRA, has trained more than 1,000 restaurant owners, and we have the know-how to support our graduates in creating successful restaurants. We make precise proposals for interior design and kitchen equipment to realize your ideal restaurant.

Offering Manufacturer’s Direct Selling Price

Dishes, bowls and other kitchen wares are available through our associated manufacturers at a direct selling price.

Pick your favorites based on your restaurant concept from a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs from classic ones to the ones with character. You will sure be able to find a ramen bowl that sets off your ramen perfectly.

Own Homemade Noodles

At TRA, we offer a lecture on how to operate a noodle maker by Taisei Kikai Kogyo.

If you are considering to have your own homemade noodle maker, please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Leading Food Suppliers in Japan At Your Service

Food suppliers play a significant role in your business.

“Which supplier should I choose?”, “I don’t know anyone who can offer me a good deal.” If you have questions like these, please give us a call. We will introduce you to one of the best food suppliers we work with for high quality ingredients at a good price.

Save on Your Monthly Gas Cost

Unit price for gas is normally fixed per 1㎥. This unit price, however, is different for each gas supplier. We, at the TRA, introduce our gas company to our students. Compared to the other gas suppliers, your monthly gas cost is expected to be 30% to 50% lower.

Here is a good example: A ramen restaurant consulted us about a dish washer. We have recommended our gas company along with the dish washer, and later he happily reported us that the JPY 20,000 leasing fee for the dish washer was basically covered by the discount he got from the gas company. In this case, the monthly expense stayed the same with a new dish washer in the kitchen. We can provide you more ideas on how to open and run a restaurant with less money spent. With our advice, you will probably save enough cost in total to cover the fee for this course.

Free Consulation Available AFTER Your Restaurant Opens

Our past participants call us everyday asking for advice for many different reasons. We are offering free consulation for all of our students who have successfully completed our course. Questions regarding recipes, restaurant management, consultation on new kitchen appliances installment, ramen bowl puchases, opening other branches, or questions about food ingredients, you name it. Free support is also available for you after you open your own restaurant.

Phone and e-mail consulations are free of charge. If necessary, we can also send our support staff to your buisness for a fee.