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Tokyo Ramen Academy

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Michelin Guidebook

  • The our student got Michelin award that they are the first non-Japanese chef and owner Michelin ramen restaurant in the world!?

Learn all kinds of ramen there are

The our students in the world !



“TRA” and “Ramen Restrant form TRA” are featured on many TV programs!


"Tokyo Ramen Academy" was introduced on NHK International Broadcasting.

Students learning about ramen were broadcast in 193 countries around the world. Tokyo Ramen Academy was introduced on NHK International Broadcasting Tokyo Ramen Academy was introduced on NHK International Broadcasting

Tokyo Ramen Academy
Your first step to own a ramen restaurant!

  • Only 7-Day to learn how to make your own original bowl of ramen.
  • Complete training program to turn a beginner into a professional.
  • Learn ramen recipes from classics to the latest trends.
  • Learn from real owners of top ramen restaurants.
  • Chance to learn each instructor's specialty ramen hands-on.
  • Learn advanced skills to create wide range of new dishes.
  • Master the processes of creating new dishes and serving customers.
  • Sell your original ramen to real customers on site.
  • A unique chance to see customers' feedbacks and reviews.
  • A completion certificate for participants who completed the course.
  • Sufficient support available after the completion of the course until the grand opening day.
What is TRA?

Tokyo Ramen Academy is a one-of-a-kind school of ramen. Learn the skills of how to create your original ramen and experience its sales on site during the 7-Day Intensive Master Course at our Ramen Academy. All our instructors are active owners of top ramen restaurants in Japan. This is your chance to learn from the finest. Learn the recipes from the leading restaurants hands-on. And that is not all. We go a step further to teach you the skills to create your own original flavors based on the recipes we provide.

Our Story
What Will You Learn?

You will learn everything you need to know about ramen, from basics to advanced and practical skills. Our curriculum at TRA is carefully designed for any participants, with or without experience, to learn how to come up with an original recipe and how to refine its flavor. Recipes and cooking skills are not the only things you master by us. You will also learn how to open your own restaurant: knowledge of restaurant start-up operation, financial planning and management.

Our Curriculum
Who Will Train You?

The finest owners of some of the leading ramen restaurants will train you hands-on. Instructors will show you their signature ramen and you will be able to master the best recipes and skills from each of them. The vast variety of ramen types you learn here will also give you the skills to come up with your own recipes. Join us here at the TRA to feel the enthusiasm of the best ramen restaurant owners and be part of it.

Our Instructors

We are here to help you.

We have over 800 graduates worldwide.

Even those with no experience in the ramen industry have been successful enough to be listed in the Michelin Guide Book. Some stores have grown to become numerous popular and thriving stores, such as the title of top annual popularity on the famous website "" which is always referred to by ramen lovers in Japan, and a dedicated feature in "Ramen Walker", a major magazine in Japan.

Learn all kinds of ramen there are.

We, at the TRA, will cover a wide variety of ramen recipes from classic ones to the latest trends: beginning with Shoyu, Shio, Tonkotsu, Miso and then to more variations such as clear type soup, cloudy type soup, sea food based stocks, dipping noodles, dry noodles and more. We also provide different kinds of recipes of roasted pork which is used as ramen toppings.

Recipes are just a small part of our curriculum.

TRA is a school for future ramen restaurant owners. This academy is not just for cooking lessons. Passing down recipes is not the goal of our intensive course. Our goal is for you to master the skills of creating your own original dish from the ramen recipe you learn from us. Skills to arrange recipes and create variations of flavors are what you exactly need to survive in the competitive world of ramen industry.

Learn from the best in 7 days,
rather than working as an apprentice tediously for 10 years.

All You Need Is the Skill to Create "Your Signature Ramen"

Find your one and the only bowl of ramen. No matter how many marvelous recipes you own, if you do not know how to tweak a little to create an original flavor, and have the flexibility to keep up with the fast moving trends, it will be difficult to survive as a ramen restaurant owner.


There is one reason why the graduates of TRA manage to keep their restaurants open and thrive in this industry. They are successful because each of the restaurants is unique and original. Skills to add an extra touch to the recipe and to make it your own are the strength of our TRA method.


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the owner of a famous Ramen restaurant

This is your chance to learn the recipes created by the owners of top-notch ramen restaurants.
Learn real techniques and true ramen philosophy at the TokyoRamenAcademy.